Our Rules

1. The booking will be accepted as soon as the Agency receives the deposit of 30% of the total renting amount, to be sent by bank tranfer, credit card or cash. If the deposit will not arrive before expiring date fixed in the reservation, the same will be cancelled without any further advise.

2. The final payment and extra charges must be paid at the agency at the arrival with cash or credit cards (according to the current regulations).

3. The request of a particular apartment (number, floor, orientation, etc.) or specific parking spot will be considered without however being guaranteed.

4. CANCELLATION POLICY - In case of cancellations communicated within 60 days before arrival, will be refunded the full amount you paid. The cost of the agency procedure for cancellation involves a fixed charge of € 30,00 which will be deducted from the refunded amount. - In case of cancellations communicated between 59 and 15 days before arrival, you will receive a Voucher with the same amount that you already paid, valid for a reservation in the current summer or in the next summer season. - In case of cancellations from 14 days before arrival, the full amount of the deposit will be retained. - In case of limitations on the free movement of people in our or in your land (closed borders), the Agency will convert the amount into a voucher that can be used in current or following season. -Cancellations of reservations that use vouchers issued in the previous years do not give the right, in any case, to any refund, whether total or partial, or to the issue of a new voucher. Any holidaytime's shortening are possible without charge up to 60 days before the arrival.

5. For stays of less than one week, the price list is not valid.

6. In case of an anticipated departure or delay of arrival there will be no reimbursement.

7. The agency reserves the right to request, at its discretion, a deposit of € 200.00 (payable in cash) as a guarantee of the good conservation of the lodging and goods, and the return of the keys.

8. The entrance in the apartment may take place between 4.00 pm and 7.00 pm of the arrival date; the redelivery of the keys and leaving apartment must take place before 10.00 am.

9. If the reserved premises are not occupied by the guest by 7.00 pm of the arrival day, without prompt notification to the Agency, the lodging will be considered vacant and the deposit will be retained.

10. The parking spaces are small size. If the guest has a an oversized car and cannot use the allocated parking spot, it is necessary ask the Agency for an alternative parking space. If they are all already assigned, the customer must personally find a suitable solution at his own expense, as it is strictly forbidden to obstruct other already allocated parking spaces.

11. The number of the persons for flat must not exceed the number of beds available.

12. The Agency reserves itself the right to control the flat, without informing in advance, even if the guests are not in the flat.

13. The guest must bring his bed-linen, bath-towels, tablelinen. For each bed is available one pillow and one blanket.

14. The guest is responsible for the furniture and the crockery.

15. COMPLAINTS Complaints regarding the clean service, as well as items missing from the inventory or damaged, must be reported to the agency within the hour following the delivery of the keys or in any case by 7 p.m.

16. The final cleaning done by the Agency does not include the cleaning of the cooking area and the removal of the refuse, which must be executed by the guest.

17. Pets are admittet (extra charge), only with our authorisation, considering also the regulation of each building.

18. Breach of apartment regulations (excessive noise or disruption) and/or the bad behavior of the pets make the contract void.

19. In case the gas bottle will be exausted, please inform immediately the Agency. The gas service will be not executed on sunday afternoon.

20. The Agency is not responsible for eventual breakages, accidents, stealings, delays or losses. The Agency is not responsible for circumstances of force-majeur.

21. It is forbidden to use own stoves and electric heaters.

22. The Agency reserves the right to substitute the booked flat in case of unforeseen circumstances.